Jonathan & Hui Ying

"Hi Brandon, we are really really thankful for your help during our photoshoot! Your professionalism, enthusiasm and ideas for shots were fantastic and we really enjoyed ourselves! Also, sorry for our tardiness that caused delays to the schedule and even though the sky was dark and such, you really still captured beautiful photos and moments. Thank you once again. We truly appreciate and loved your service!"

Chris & Luyu

"Hey brandon!! Big thanks for the services and photos for our wedding. We enjoyed ourself on the montage day photo taking, your shots capture immersing with. We will sure recommend you to our relatives and friends; You brought in fun and enthusiasm in the moment !"

Daniel & Meishan

"Thanks for bringing us through the two tough days of shooting, especially in the outdoors and working in the different environments. To transform someone who has never been too comfortable in front of the camera to be happy with her pre wedding shots and look like a lady, just want to express thanks to you:)"

Gilbert & Janty

"Although Singapore hit the new record for driest month on our photoshoot day, but God is great, He made our photo amazingly stunning with the mixture of brown dried grass n green trees, it is like autumn in Singapore! And of course with your great skills. Thank you, Brandon, for all the beautiful outdoor pre-wedding shoots in Singapore."

DeXiang & Crystal

“Seriously, when I saw that my photos are so very different from other wedding photos, so much like fashion bridal shots, I’m so happy and really really love them. You are damned talented, man. I’m really really very proud of you and proud to have you as my photographer.”

Teck Loon & Sophia

"Dear Brandon, Thank you so much for being such an awesome & professional photographer. We know that our wedding wasn't exactly the easiest to shoot, from the many different locations to the long hours, but thank you for being so patient and accommodating! Here's wishing you all the best in your photography career!"

Damon & Kelly

"Hi Brandon! We love the pictures! Kelly certainly is much more photogenic than me! They show a lovely progression of the day and lots if non posed photos which was exactly what we wanted. Some beautiful shots as well. I am laughing in almost every shot so show that we had a very fun day. I hope you enjoyed the day? We certainly will never forget it. Thanks so much!"

Franck & Alexis

"BRANDON! The photos came out amazing! We are truly grateful that you gave us so many, and were able to do such a remarkable job of capturing our relationship. It was a pleasure to meet  you! Thank you so much!"

Kaitiri & Faddy

"Thank You, Brandon, for making today happen! Sharing a joyous occasion with what we ♡♥ most (animals) , meant a whole lot! Though it was really a hot weather (better than rain), it was all worth it."

Poh Huat & Serene

"Thank you SO much again for everything Brandon!! Love the reservoir shoot! A happy new year to you and have a smashing year with more beautiful weddings!!"

Darren & Sarah

"Dear Brandon, Thank you very much for all your work in capturing key moments from our Singapore wedding! There are some truly beautiful shots and we will forever treasure them. It was a very memorable occasion, so thank you for the great photographs! Take care & best wishes."

Patrick & Caylin

"Dear Brandon, we received the DVD yesterday evening and spent 2 hours looking through our wedding photos. I must say you and Annette did an awesome job. You really captured every special moment to the details. And the candid shots also captured very well both our personalities. A big thank you once again! May we wish you a Happy New Year 2012 and May God continue to bless and flourish your business!"

Henry & Shelini

"Looking at my wedding photos again, SO AMAZING what you managed to capture on the big day! Thank you."

Min & Jenny

"Dear Brandon, I want to say thanks to you. We love the photos and appreciate your hard work. Your skills is excellent. This friday, I'm going to meet my friends and can't wait to share these nice photos with them. Thank you so much, Brandon! Keep in touch!"

Joseph & Jo

"Great job Brandon! The pictures are awesome! I will definitely recommend you to my friends! Thank you so much for the effort! You're a very talented photographer indeed. Don't ever stop taking pictures of people ya"

Keith & Siew Voon

"Hey Brandon, can't thank you enough for the lovely shots. I love them all and they make a beautiful wedding montage!"

Meng Lye & Mia

Bro, you have been a great help and the photos you took is simply... GOSH!.. I have ran out of superlative words.. YOU ARE THE BEST!"

Ben & Christy

"Hey Brandon, thanks for the beautiful photographs and lovely montage. Definitely pretty shots!! Thanks for making it a memorable day and night for me and Christy! Cheers!"