"As you browse through your collection of wedding photographs together, both of you will come to realize that you are watching your transition to husband & wife. There is no bigger commitment in life than to commit to another person for life.

As you look back once more, you will appreciate how far you have both journeyed to the start of your new beginning.

Your love story began with a ring of promise and eternity.

It will continue on with pictures of nostalgia and reminiscence."




Having been in photography since year 2007, Brandon has amassed an array of portfolios notably in wedding and fashion photography. He is thankful for all the opportunities that have come his way and is open to ideas with an enthusiastic mind.

Being a jovial, optimistic and easygoing guy, Brandon easily endears to people around him, quietly forming a trust and respect for the way he goes about his work. In his work, he sees integrity, sincerity, sensitivity and professionalism as essential ingredients to success.

In year 2010, Brandon was admitted to the prestigious Wedding Photo Journalist Association (WPJA) - an internationally recognised body that upholds excellence in wedding photojournalism and business ethics.

Other than weddings which he truly enjoys shooting, Brandon also work with modeling & talent agencies such as Looque, Upfront, Mannequin & Scout International as well as fashion houses and commercial clients to produce fashion spreads and modeling portfolios.

In his free time, Brandon can be found roaming about in the great outdoors with friends or enjoying quiet moments with his Significant Other indulging in movies, food, picnics and the occasional board games. Brandon is also an ardent die-hard Arsenal fan. :)

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