Montages are a great way to present your photographs.

Not only is it more engaging especially when played with an accompanying music piece, it can also be shared around pretty easily too.

Our wedding montages are all created using a professional software that makes every piece visually stunning, lively and projects a really high end feel. Your audiences will definitely be awed once you get it playing. Imagine all your close friends enjoying themselves watching an MTV-like presentation of your wedding photos.

Another unique feature of our photo montages is its ability to also embed video clips to go along with your photos. This feature enhances the entire feel of the montage allowing it to be more personal and emotional.

A typical montage comprising 1 music piece of about 4 minutes can showcase up to 120 – 150 photos.

Most common use of our wedding montages are for 1) Childhood montage, 2) Pre-Wedding photography showcase montage, 3) Pre-wedding photography behind-the-scene + photo showcase montage, 4) Actual day wedding express highlights, 5) Post actual day wedding photography montage

Prices start from S$ 250 for a Childhood montage to $400 for a Same Day Express Photo Montage.