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Tips for Bride & Groom : Thank You Gifts For The Parents

Your parents have played a very big role in making your wedding spectacular.  Not only did they raise you into the beautiful bride-to-be that you are, they’ve stood beside you through all your planning stress, offered their suggestions, and they may be funding the affair.  Your parents, and your fiancé’s, definitely deserve a huge thank […]

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Tips for Bride & Groom : Appreciation from the Bridal Bouquet

For brides who are not doing their bouquet throw or not too sure what to do with their bouquet towards the end of their wedding dinner / luncheon, one cool tip is to use it as a form of appreciation for perhaps a sister who has been incredibly instrumental in the bride’s life. During the […]

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Tips for Bride & Groom : Making More Time For Friends At Wedding Banquets

At most chinese wedding banquets, one common event which I know most couples feel stressed about is the group photo taking. Usually, starting from the immediate VIP tables to the relatives’ and then to their friends and colleagues. 30 tables may be over in flash but if you’re having 50 tables or more, then it […]

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Tips for Bride & Groom : Don’t Underestimate Jet Lag

If you are heading off to Europe or the United States for your pre-wedding photoshoot, do prepare for jet lag to set in. Full day photoshoots can be quite tiring and failure to allocate recovery time will easily take its toll resulting in lethargy, restlessness and less than ideal photo session. It will be wiser […]

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Tips for Bride & Groom : Watch Those Tan Lines

So you have an exciting outdoor pre-wedding photoshoot coming up and you’re going to doing your selection of bridal gowns pretty soon. GREAT! Lots of brides (and even photographers themselves) tend not to place any importance in the sequencing of the gowns and it’s a BIG BIG mistake. Here’s why :- Remember, if you are […]

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